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Bowspring Videos

Welcome to my assortment of Bowspring Videos and alignment tutorials. These videos will provide an intro to the Bowspring Yoga Method. The Bowspring algorithm, is a 10 step process, activating the body and bringing it into a wavy, curvy, functional form. Like any good wave, you have a peak and valley. Same is true for our human body when in most optimal alignment for functional movement. Bowspring Yoga was born in Denver Colorado, created by Desi Springer and co-founded by John Friend. These videos will certainly not provide you with a Bowspring Teacher Training, but are intended to give you a glimpse into the practice. More interactive classes are beginning to surface with Bowspring online becoming more and more popular. If you're looking for a therapeutic and athletic style of yoga, Bowspring will not disappoint! 

Bowspring Method

This video introduces the Bowspring method and the first steps to the algorithm. Beginning with Radiant heart, the expansion of the ribs on all sides and establishing the primary curve of the thoracic spine. It is a beginner Bowspring practice with elemental forms. 



Learning the elemental forms and the language of the practice takes some time. The specificity of the form is a mind/body practice and requires the student to be aware and deeply engaged. A bit like learning a new language, practice is the key!

The Roots

Once you begin to have an understanding of the subsystems and the Bowspring Algorithm, the practice becomes more intuitive and less technical.

The Spools

The alignment of the Bowspring is all about length and width. becoming your most expansive self. The physical and emotional body have a symbiotic union, where each directly effects the other. Instead of shortening the abdominal muscles with crunches try lengthening them!

The Head

With daily use of technological devices "text neck" has become and epidemic. The Bowspring Method is ergonomic, it helps the practicioner to become more aware of default patterns and how to posture for health. 

Bowspring Handstand

I love the playfulness the practice offers, in addition to the therapeutic and ergonomic benefit. Bowspring handstands are light and connected. When the whole body is in harmony and tensegrity achieved, lightness is the result. 

Bowspring Handstand

There are many different variations of handstands in the practice. I enjoy the challenge of finding my way in an unfamiliar place. Each time we explore a new variation, we learn how to adapt and the unfamiliar becomes the familiar.


at the Wall

We use the wall a lot during handstand practice. It's a great tool to help us build confidence, culminate awareness and discover our strength.